Are Wood Cabinets Out of Style?

Whether you are planning to remodel your existing bathroom or looking for a home with a good resale value, wood bathroom medicine cabinets are always in style. Have you ever thought about why wood cabinets are always in style?

Wood is considered a timeless material for designing your cabinets and vanities due to its versatility, durability, and adaptability. With varying grain structures, tones, and finishes, you can craft varying cabinet styles using this material and customize your bathrooms according to your preferences. 

To further guide you on why you choose wood medicine cabinets, which wood material to prefer, and how, Wellfor has given some valuable thoughts to help you choose the best material for your bathroom.

Why Choose Wood for Bathroom Medicine Cabinets?

Choosing wood for bathroom medicine cabinets helps you to stylize your bathroom distinctively by offering good value for money. Besides this, here are some more reasons to prefer wood.

  •    Visual Appeal

When you step into your bathroom, its visual appeal and appearance are the first things that matter. Wood gives your bathroom a warm and bright look, especially if you contrast wood with white-coloured walls. Then, it will give your bathroom a spacious and elegant look.

  •    Customizable

You can easily give your bathroom a customized and distinct look by choosing wood. Unlike other materials, it is available in different colours, styles, and finishes, and you can select the one that goes with your design and theme.

  •    Strength and Durability

There is no doubt about the strength of wood. Your wooden bathroom medicine cabinets can last years if you care for them properly. Moreover, if your wood cabinets have scratches, they can easily be concealed or patched via wood filler wax.

  •    Easy Maintenance

Another intriguing reason why wood cabinets are always in style is easy maintenance. Contrary to other materials, wood cabinets are easy to maintain. You can even re-stain, re-paint, and re-finish according to your taste, which is not easily feasible in the case of other materials. Moreover, any scratches can be addressed via sanding or a new finish.

  •    Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Wood is certainly a renewable resource that has a minimal impact on the environment, contrary to cabinets made of petroleum products. So, wood cabinets act as a perfect choice for those who want to have eco-friendly products in their home. Some eco-friendly wood types include lyptus and reclaimed wood.

  •    Increase Value

Wood bathroom medicine cabinets will be a valuable addition to your home. This is because, unlike wood, the other materials lose their charm and value with time and do not look fresh and vibrant. 

Therefore, wood is the best choice for bathroom medicine cabinets if you want to resell your home.

 bathroom medicine cabinets

How do you select the suitable material for wood medicine cabinets? 

Choosing the perfect material for wood medicine is a challenging feat. There are many things to consider while choosing the perfect material. Consider the size of your cabinets and decide the number of cabinets you need. Then, there is the storage of medicines that should be considered to determine the storage options. Then comes your choice of aesthetics, which influences the choice of wood for cabinets. Although selecting the type of wood is purely a personal choice, while selecting the wood material for your bathroom medicine cabinet, you must consider the following factors:

  •    Humidity Levels

The first thing to consider is the humidity levels, as bathrooms are undoubtedly characterized by varying forms of moisture, ranging from flowing taps to seaming showers. Therefore, materials that cannot withstand high moisture or humidity levels will fail, and you will observe fungal attacks, resulting in an unpleasant look and enhanced maintenance expenses. Some examples of water-resistant wood materials are oak, teak, and maple.

  •    Aeration

Another critical factor that affects the material selection is the aeration of your bathroom. The more aerated your bathroom is, the better the ambience of your bathroom will be, thus enabling you to avoid fungal growths. 

  •    Aesthetics

Wood materials allow you to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. All you have to do is choose the water-resistant wood and go for the colour and finish that is coherent with the design and theme of your bathroom. 

  •    Maintenance

The materials available for bathroom medicine cabinets demand varying levels of maintenance. The majority of wood types require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. So, you can choose the one that fits your cleaning and maintenance routine.

What Is the Best Wood for Bathroom Medicine Cabinets?

After finalizing wood for designing bathroom medicine cabinets, you still have numerous options, as different types of wood are available. The ideal wood types for bathroom cabinets and vanities are listed here

  •    Teak

Teak naturally possesses resistance to water; besides this, the oil in this wood makes it an ideal option for bathroom medicine cabinets. It can not only bear the humid setting of a bathroom but is also renowned for its durability. However, it is an expensive option and is only a good option if you want to give a premium look to your bathroom.

  •    Oak

It is one of the hardest woods, making it resistant to moisture and damage, thus making it a reliable choice for bathroom medicine cabinets. 

Though it can be stained like other woods, some areas are darker compared to others, giving a streaky look, which may look good if you love old-fashioned bathrooms. 

  •    Maple

Stay calm if you are on a budget, as maple is a budget-friendly wood type. Though it is less moisture-resistant than teak and oak, it is still a good option due to its high durability. With its even grain and uniform finish, maple gives a classic look to your bathroom.



In conclusion, wood is one of the most durable, versatile, and adaptable materials, making it perfect for bathroom medicine cabinets. This material gives a warm and vibrant look to your bathroom, and its versatile grain structure enables you to embrace both traditional and modern styles. Moreover, when used with light-coloured walls, the material gives a spacious look to even a tiny space. 


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