Are Medicine Cabinets Out Of Style?

medicine cabinet

Are you worried that installing a medicine cabinet in the bathroom may be outdated? Are you considering continuing to use the medicine cabinet in the bathroom as a result? Or consider installing a medicine cabinet in the bathroom at home?

Don't worry! The medicine cabinet won't be so easily outdated! The idea that medicine cabinets are outdated is incorrect because they have many other uses besides storing medicine and serving as bathroom displays.

The previous medicine cabinet

In the 1920s, people began using medicine cabinets because of their wide range of functions. Later on, people not only used medicine cabinets in hospitals, but also gradually began to use them in their bathrooms at home.

The current medicine cabinet

People still use the medicine cabinet in the bathroom today, and it has become one of the most important elements in the bathroom. Especially with the development of the Internet and technology, the use and benefits of medicine cabinets are constantly increasing.

There are no restrictions on the use of medicine cabinets. People choose their preferred style, function, and exterior design based on their home's decoration style and needs, and install suitable medicine cabinets; Especially when the bathroom space is small but requires more storage space, the use of the medicine cabinet becomes very important.

Let's take a look at the installation method of the medicine cabinet. There are two installation methods, one is embedded and the other is surface installation.

The recessed medicine cabinet is located inside the wall. When decorating the bathroom, you need to cut out corresponding parts of the wall for the upcoming medicine cabinet to facilitate subsequent installation work; If you don't have reserved space, it's okay. Before the formal installation, you may need to cut out the wall first.

Surface mounting

 medicine cabinet

Surface mount is attached to the wall, and in most cases, the medicine cabinet protrudes three to four inches from the wall. There are relatively deep medicine cabinets that can extend up to six inches in length. Currently, shallower medicine cabinets are more common on the market because this surface mounted medicine cabinet is very suitable for customers who do not have grooves on the wall and want to save money or effort.

Most medicine cabinets are equipped with mirrors on the front; Of course, if you are in a space outside the bathroom or if you already have a mirror but may not need another mirror, you can also find a model without a mirror.

If you are currently hesitating whether to install the medicine cabinet embedded or surface mounted, why not take a look at our Wellfor products? We have both installation methods available, and you can log in to our website to choose the style you like.

Advantages of Drug Cabinets

Like other homes, medicine cabinets also have advantages that are beneficial to homeowners. Here are some advantages of placing a medicine cabinet at home:

  1. Items can be obtained

The thing people dislike the most is that when they are in the bathroom, it is always difficult to get what they need because sometimes it may be placed too high or too low, or it may be messy and difficult to find.

When there are children at home, they are required not to touch drugs or other things in the bathroom that are not allowed to be touched. At this time, these things can be placed in the medicine cabinet in our bathroom, so that children cannot come into contact with these things, reducing the detection of many dangerous situations.

  1. Increase decorative effects

No matter which style you like, there is always one that suits you. You can choose a medicine cabinet that meets your requirements based on your home decoration style, desired functional design, and preferred exterior design.

A suitable and practical furniture will add to the original style and atmosphere of your home.

  1. Be prepared for emergency situations

If there is a medicine cabinet, in the event of an emergency or the need for first aid, you can obtain the necessary items in the cabinet and perform the correct emergency treatment before a professional arrives.

  1. Protect the shelf life of drugs

Drugs have a shelf life, and most drugs must be stored at low temperatures or away from direct sunlight. It is recommended that you store the drugs in a dry, low moisture place. So at this time, you can store these in a bathroom medicine cabinet that is away from direct sunlight and away from moisture.

Storage rules

Are you troubled by the disorderly arrangement of items in your bathroom? Installing a bathroom medicine cabinet can solve most problems and make your bathroom look overall neat. However, this is not a complete way to eliminate clutter in the bathroom, it can only solve most problems. To maintain the overall cleanliness of the bathroom, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and organizing.

The following are the items you may store in the medicine cabinet:

  1. Skincare products

Storing skincare products in a medicine cabinet is much better than placing them in a sink or on a flat surface of the sink.

You can arrange and organize them together according to your daily habits, so that they are less likely to be messed up or dirty compared to directly placing them on the sink or sink surface.

  1. Sanitary kit

Besides skincare products, have you noticed the cups and toothbrushes next to the sink? When we use the sink, it is easy to splash water onto our toothbrushes, which can easily contaminate our toothbrushes and mouthwash cups.

The best way is to put the hygiene supplies together in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, so that water won't spray on them all the time. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail clippers, headbands, women's products, and tissues are all included in the hygiene bag. Cosmetics, shaving products, and other daily necessities are also suitable for this method.

  1. First aid kit

One of the most important items in the medicine cabinet is the first aid kit. Learning basic first aid knowledge may be helpful for you and your family in emergency situations.

The first aid kit basically includes ointments, gauze dressings, restraint straps, tweezers, and other medications.


If you are asking "Is the medicine cabinet outdated?" By reading the previous content, I believe you should now know the answer in your heart.

Using storage furniture that combines practicality and design to complement your overall decoration style and atmosphere is generally not outdated, as most people enjoy the functions it provides, which will provide convenience and improve the overall use effect in daily life for families.

I believe that as long as you find a bathroom medicine cabinet that suits your needs, you can better maintain the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the bathroom, and also improve the utilization of space, which can better store items and use them.

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