What are some tips for buying a vanity mirror?

What are some tips for buying a vanity mirror?



For those unfamiliar with vanity mirrors, they are essentially designed to be hung over your bathroom sink or basin. It can either be one large-scale mirror or if the bathroom happens to be a master ensuite, there will be a twin-mirror pairing placed over each sink. A vanity mirror is an important piece to carefully consider, as it can drastically impact how the space ultimately looks. 


However, with so many options out there, it can often be difficult for any homeowner to make the right choice. Aside from just picking the right style, type, and size, there are creative options to look at like getting a vanity mirror with LED lights, for example. In this article, we will break down the main aspects to consider when picking out the right mirror piece for your bathroom space. 

 Framed Round Shaped Corners LED Light Bathroom Vanity Mirror

So, let’s dive into it!


#1. Consider the bathroom space


The first thing that you need to consider is that the right vanity mirror must be able to correlate with the overall aesthetic of the bathroom space. If the bathroom is newly renovated, then you should have more options to work with but if you are adapting to an already existing style, then you will be limited in options.


After all, the last thing that you want is the mirror looking completely out of place in the bathroom setting. So, take the time to review the overall style of the bathroom space such as the color palette, decor, textures, lighting, etc. In most cases, you should have a good idea of the aesthetic to lean towards, be it minimalistic, vintage, luxury, etc.


#2. Explore unique mirror shapes


Most vanity mirrors tend to come in the classic rectangle shape but there are also other variations to consider, some of which are somewhat unconventional in design. It is always a good idea to bring some personality into your bathroom and choosing a unique mirror shape can be a simple and effective way to go about this.


So, while you can still stick with the classic styles like rectangle, circular or oval designs, it is also worth exploring ornate mirror designs. These tend to come in distinctive shapes with most of them often doing well to compliment vintage or luxury-style bathroom settings. The general idea with these is to provide the space with a dramatic focal point.


#3. Experiment with different sizing


When deciding on what type of mirror size to get, the general rule to remember is that the mirror’s size must always be proportionate to the overall size of the bathroom. However, you should also consider the fact that mirrors can make rooms seem larger than they are, which means that it often helps to experiment with various options such as wall-to-wall mirrors.


For instance, if the bathroom wall has no fittings or fixtures, then incorporating a wall-to-wall vanity mirror can expand the space significantly. However, if you are restricted on space, then you can opt for a simple mirror that doesn’t come with a frame. This will enable you to maximize the room on the wall, which should help give off the perception of greater height and depth.


#4. Take lighting into account


Lighting is another important aspect to consider because you need to be provided with the right level of assistance when applying makeup, fixing your hair, shaving, etc. This means being able to access a uniform distribution of light that can cover your entire face, which is where vanity mirrors with LED lighting can come in handy. 


They will be able to provide you with optimal visibility, which should prevent any alterations in how your skin tone looks and even reduce the risk of having to deal with dark corners. However, make sure to choose a mirror with neutral lighting over warm or cool lighting because this ensures that you are provided with clear and objective visibility.


#5. Be creative with your budget


Most homeowners will often spend a lot of money adoring their bathroom walls with marble, tiles, etc. However, the right vanity mirror can help to offset these costs significantly by allowing you to keep the background fairly simple. For instance, you can invest in a large mirror that takes up a lot of space, which also does well to provide a bathroom with a refined look.


Alternatively, you can even consider installing more than one vanity mirror if the bathroom sink or basin is long enough. This can often introduce a playful and creative composition, especially when complimented by unique light fixtures. Plus, it ultimately offers easier and cheaper installation, which also makes it the less time-consuming option.




Most homeowners struggle to choose the right vanity mirror for their bathrooms because striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality can often be tricky. However, if you remember the tips that we’ve listed above, you should be able to sift through the numerous options out there much faster and secure the perfect one for your bathroom.

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