Should You Add a Medicine Cabinet to Your Bathroom?

Should You Add a Medicine Cabinet to Your Bathroom?

So you've just moved into a new place, and the bathroom looks bare. The blank walls are begging for storage, but you can't decide whether to buy a mirrored medicine cabinet for bathroom or cabinetry. Cabinets would provide more storage but also cost more and require installation. A simple medicine cabinet does the job on a budget but won't give you as much space.

Before you decide, consider how much storage you currently have in your bathroom and how much more you need. Consider your budget and style preferences as well. The solution that's right for you comes down to your unique needs and what will make your morning and evening routines more functional and enjoyable. With some thought and help from Wellfor, you'll determine whether it's better in your bathroom to cabinet.

The Benefits of Installing a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

There are many benefits of adding a mirrored medicine cabinet to your bathroom.

  • Extra storage space. A cabinet provides a place to store all those daily necessities like toothpaste, makeup, medications, and toiletries so they're not cluttering your counter space. With a mirror on the front, it's a win-win.
  • Easy access. Everything you need is at your fingertips when you open the cabinet door. No more digging through drawers or boxes to find what you want.
  • A tidy appearance. A cabinet keeps your bathroom neat and organized since all those little bottles, tubes and jars are stored away. Your bathroom will instantly look cleaner and less chaotic.
  • A mirror is included. Most medicine cabinets come with a mirror, so you get extra storage and a mirror in one handy unit. You can save wall space since you don't need a separate mirror.
  • Customized storage. Look for a cabinet with adjustable shelves so you can arrange them to suit your needs. Some even have specialized compartments for toothbrushes, makeup and more. You can find a size and style to match your bathroom's decor.
  • It's an affordable upgrade. Adding a medicine cabinet is easy and budget-friendly to improve your bathroom's function and appearance. For a small investment, you'll gain helpful storage space and enjoy a more organized room.
  • Increased home value. Updating your bathroom with a stylish new medicine cabinet and other improvements can increase your home's resale value. Buyers always appreciate extra storage space and an attractive, well-designed bathroom.

 Medicine Cabinet

How to Choose the Right Size and Location

Your bathroom needs extra storage, and you are considering different ideas. How about a medicine cabinet? This will help you organize every one of those small necessities that are usually out of sight. However, what about its size and location?

· Choosing the Correct Size

Choose a cabinet size that can meet your needs without overtaking all the space. When choosing, consider what you want to keep: small items such as toothpaste and soaps or big ones such as towels or hair dryers. A recessed or surface-mounted cabinet about 15 to 30 inches wide would work well for a small bathroom. A bigger one measuring 36 to 48 inches can hold more if you have enough space.

· Location Matters

The most suitable position for your mirrored medicine cabinet for bathroom depends on the bathroom layout and how it is lit.

  • Over the sink: It is a classic place with its things exactly where they should be. Ensure there are no mirrors behind it which might be blocked by it.
  • On an empty wall: If you have an open wall space, a cabinet can use the area without taking up counter space. For easy access place it at eye level.
  • In a corner: A corner cabinet is excellent for using an unused corner, and the angled shape provides more storage space.
  • Recessed into the wall: You can recess a cabinet right into the wall for a streamlined look. This works well above or on either side of the sink.

With the right size cabinet in an ideal spot, you'll gain helpful storage without cluttering your counters or cramping your bathroom style. Now you can keep all those lotions, potions and nicknacks neatly tucked away but still close at hand. Your newly organized bathroom will thank you!

Medicine Cabinet Storage Ideas and Organization Tips

Adding a medicine cabinet to your bathroom can provide functional storage space for all your daily items. Here are some medicine cabinet storage ideas and tips to keep you organized.

· Choose a cabinet that suits your needs

Select a cabinet size that fits your bathroom and storage requirements. Surface-mount cabinets protrude from the wall, while recessed cabinets sit flush inside the wall. Recessed cabinets work well in small bathrooms since they don't occupy space. For more storage, consider a cabinet with multiple shelves or drawers.

· Group similar items together

Keep your mirrored medicine cabinet tidy by grouping related items on the same shelf. Store all makeup and cosmetic products on one shelf, medications and first aid supplies on another, and dental care items on a third shelf.

 Medicine Cabinet


If you love space for everything and keep your bathroom tidy, mirrored medicine cabinets for bathrooms may be the way to go. But if you want to look minimal and have a few things to put, you’ll be fine without them. The choice depends on how you use your space, and what makes you feel comfortable in your home. Think about it and go with what works for your lifestyle. Your bathroom is your oasis, so make it your own! Either way, keeping things organized and uncluttered will keep your bathroom a peaceful place to start and end your day. Wellfor is here to help you with anything you need.


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