What Color Should You Choose For Your Bathroom Vanity?

What Color Should You Choose For Your Bathroom Vanity?

Making a bathroom both practical and aesthetically pleasing requires careful consideration of the vanity choice. The vanity, the main attraction of the bathroom, has the ability to determine the overall mood of the space. While selecting a vanity, color selection is an important consideration. The colors gray, green, black, blue, neutrals, pink, white, and navy bathroom vanities are the most common choices. While jewel tones of blue and orange continue to be in style, one trend is toward gentle, neutral tints of gray, green, pink, and blue.


This post will take look at the most widely-liked colors for bathroom vanities, as well as the styles that go well with those colors.

What Are Bathroom Vanities?

A bathroom vanity is an essential component that should be included in every bathroom. A bathroom vanity has several benefits, some of which include the fact that it has a sink, provides counter space, and includes drawers and doors for storing. The perfect colour for a bathroom vanity is one that not only feels inviting but also works well with the overall decor of the bathroom. Create the perfect combination by picking the colours that you like most and using the most recent trends in bathroom decor.

Which Colors To Choose For Your Bathroom Vanity

If you're redecorating your bathroom, picking out a vanity makes up one of the most crucial decisions you'll make. The bathroom's ambiance and feel are mostly determined by the vanity, which also serves as the room's main point. It's important to remember that colour is an important consideration when picking out a vanity.  You may take your bathroom's aesthetics to new levels with the help of the wide variety of colours available in the world of vanities.

Here are some of the trendy yet classy color schemes and their complementary aesthetics.


The most frequently used colour for bathroom vanities is white due to its enduring elegance, adaptability, and compatibility with both contemporary and traditional elements of bathroom design. A white vanity is a great option for small bathrooms that require to create the appearance of more space since it can make a space look brighter and more expansive. White may also assist draw attention to other beneficial features in the bathroom, including bright tiles or patterned wallpaper.


Bathroom vanities in shades of grey are now popular and chic. Concrete, wood that are painted or stained, and natural stone are all excellent choices for use in the construction of a contemporary space designed to feel like a spa. Because grey may have warm or cold undertones, it is important to choose a shade of grey for your bathroom that will match the other colors and materials already there.


One potential effect of using blue or navy  bathroom vanities into a bathroom decor may be to create a calming, spa-like feel. Bathrooms may seem larger and more airy by painting the walls a paler blue colour, such aqua or sky blue. However, painting the walls a deeper blue—like navy for bathroom vanities—might create an effect that's both striking and sophisticated. The refreshing shade of blue goes well with the firmness of natural stones like granite and marble.

Dark Wood

Bathrooms with dark wood tones, like espresso or walnut, seem luxurious and inviting. They look great when paired with white or cream worktops and fixtures, which may make a space seem warmer and cosier. In bathrooms designed in a classic or country style, vanities topped with dark wood look just stunning.  


An effortlessly sophisticated and timeless option, a jet-black bathroom vanity leaves a lasting impression. It may provide a classy and beautiful look in a room when combined with light-colored walls and floors. Black is a very adaptable shade that complements a wide range of materials, such as black quartz and granite, which makes it a great option for bathrooms with contrasting design elements.


Considerations before Choosing Your Vanity Color

Before deciding on the best colour for the vanity in your bathroom, there are a number of considerations you need to make, including the following:

Size of Bathroom

One of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a colour for your bathroom is its size. Lighter colours work well in bathrooms with little space since they give the impression of more transparency and space, which enlarges the area. Darker colours, on the contrary hand, provide restrooms that are larger a cosier and more enjoyable ambiance, therefore they could be welcomed there.


Colour Contrast

Your vanity's colour should a combination of blend in seamlessly with the existing colour scheme in your bathroom, which will allow it to complement the walls, tiles, and fixtures, or it should stand out by creating a striking contrast, which will add visual appeal. In any case, attention should be used while selecting the hue.

Individual Preferences

Choose a bathroom vanity colour that reflects your personality. Classic and timeless hues like neutrals and whites may create an elegant and polished ambiance for those who want a traditional look. If you're more into contemporary minimalism, you may use sleek monochromes or vibrant accent hues to update the space. Additionally, colour coordination might help you convey your uniqueness if you have a more eclectic taste.



The aspect of functionality is also another one that is very significant. You have to think about how the life span of different hues and finishes relates to the ease with which they may be maintained. While there are certain colours that are easier to maintain and last longer than others, there are also those that need more care and should be cleaned more often.


The bathroom's lighting is a crucial detail to plan for. The look of the different colours is drastically altered. Use the bathroom's planned lighting to try out your selected paint shade. Doing so will guarantee a perfect fit with your vision. When seen in artificial lighting, a colour that seems flawless in natural light might take on an entirely new appearance. Having this in mind might help you prepare for any challenges.


There is an extensive selection of bathroom vanity colours and styles available. Ultimately, there are two primary factors to take into account. It must be customised to your requirements and tastes. These two elements are essential for a superior lavatory. Additionally, you would want the design to endure throughout time. The finish of your bathroom vanity is a sophisticated but important part of the design. The outcome is just as gorgeous as the whole when combined with an elegant sink.

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