How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets for Small Bathrooms?

How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets for Small Bathrooms?

Bathroom cabinets are necessary in every bathroom. They aid with the organization of toiletries and other random items, producing a clean bathroom atmosphere along with solid wood bath vanities.

This is an in-depth guide to choosing the best bathroom cabinets for your bathroom.

Selecting Bathroom Cabinets 

Bathroom cabinet selection starts with coming up with a layout for the space. This applies to the overall appearance, style, color options, installation technique, ideal dimensions, and other features of bathroom cabinets.  

Thankfully, the options for bathroom cabinetry are almost endless. In most cases, traditional and understated cabinetry is the best option. You may choose a group of cabinets that are more aesthetically pleasing, has built-in mirrors, or has special features made for the bathroom. 

Different Type of Bathroom Cabinet Styles

There are many different kinds of bathroom cabinets, each with its benefits. Let's have a look at some of the most typical examples:

Cabinets for Freestanding Storage

These cabinets may be installed anywhere in a bathroom and come in various styles to suit the needs of the individual homeowner.

This option is also open to homeowners who need aid in making structural alterations to their homes.   Homeowners who want to switch up their decor often may appreciate their great portability.

Cabinets for Wall-Mounted Storage

These storage cabinets are suitable for bathrooms of any size.   They might be beneficial in keeping a tidy and organized restroom.

Wall cabinets are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate your individual spatial needs and aesthetic preferences.   Additionally, they are an excellent choice for homeowners that have a persistent need for bathroom storage.

Cabinets for Corner Shelves for Storage

They are made to fit inside a bathroom fixture that has been unused for some time.   They come in all sorts of sizes and forms and may be made out of many different materials.

When space is at a premium in a bathroom, corner cabinets provide the illusion of more room.

 Bathroom Cabinets

Finding the Perfect Cabinets for Your Bathroom

A well-designed bathroom cabinet should encourage cleanliness and order.   You could locate the ideal bathroom storage by following these simple steps.

Forecast the Budget

New cabinets and vanities may significantly increase the cost of a bathroom makeover, so it's crucial to plan. Unfinished cabinets are a great way to save money, but they may be challenging. To get an idea of what will provide you the most return on investment when redesigning your kitchen, check out what types of cabinets have sold in your region and for what prices.

Map Out Your Area

If you put the time and effort into planning, you may create a bathroom layout that works better for you.   Think about the people you live with and how you usually divide your time with them.

Making the mirror above the sink more oversized, putting extra space between the vanity and the toilet, and making other adjustments.   If you can keep the plumbing, water, and electrical systems in place, you can reduce the overall cost of the remodel.

Double-Check the Dimensions

Accurate dimensions are crucial when looking for bathroom cabinets to ensure a proper amount of space is provided.   Consider the doors, mirrors, and plumbing/electrical components when estimating the overall space.

Reorganizing the furniture in the room may be necessary to fit the cabinet and minimize possible accidents with doors, walls, or plumbing equipment.  

Estimate Storage

Bathroom storage demands careful attention because of space constraints.   What do you anticipate the number of people using your bathroom to be, and do you think that number will grow?

Do you need additional room for your toiletry and makeup? A more open layout in the lavatory might accommodate more oversized items like cleaning supplies and equipment. The answers to these questions will help you make more informed choices about bathroom storage.

Find Your Style

Learn from the internet, books, and magazines for inspiration. Make use of contrasting hues and blend modern and classic touches. While there's no "wrong" solution, you should consider how long your materials will last. Applying a coat of semi-gloss or similar paint to the cabinets outside will help keep the wood dry.

Bathroom Storage and Cabinets: What to Look for

While shopping for bathroom cabinets consider these factors:


The first thing to consider is the available space in the cabinet. The internet, however, provides an overwhelming number of choices. You need to know the precise measurements of your bathroom to choose the perfect bathroom cabinet among the wide variety available.


It would help if you also seriously considered the longevity of the material you use. Wet, humid, and often-used environments are characteristic of bathroom cabinet locations. Your selected cabinet should be durable enough to withstand this environment for many years. Solid wood bath vanities, MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard), metal, and thermo foil are the most often used materials.

 Bathroom Cabinets

Visual Appeal

It's easy to choose from the above functions regarding the bathroom's storage during a makeover or new construction. Only when the bathroom is done and completely functional do you realize a wall cabinet may have been helpful? It's always possible to install a new cabinet, which is good news.

Storage space

Bathroom cabinets supply you with a permanent storage option. In addition, drawers with separate sections provide an additional storage option when you purchase a cabinet. However, it's essential to think about your actual restroom needs. After that, you'll know how much space you'll need for storage.


Your financial plan comes last. Getting a storage unit with extras like a mirror, LED lighting, solid wood bath vanities and an electrical plug can set you back more money than getting a basic unit with no frills. However, we are confident that you will discover the perfect bathroom cabinet that is both high-quality and affordable among our wide selection.

A bathroom cabinet does more than just store toiletries and cosmetics; it also sets the tone for the whole space. Finding the ideal cabinet for your belongings may not only improve your quality of life but also reduce your stress levels. It's calming to start (and finish) the day in a clean, well-organized environment.

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