How Many Types Of Shower Heads Are There In Bathrooms?

How Many Types Of Shower Heads Are There In Bathrooms?

When you think of designing the bathroom of your dreams, you will encounter many essential options, including shower heads. Choosing the right shower head is one of the most essential choices as it will change how you use your bathroom daily. Choosing the best showerhead for you is more challenging than you think since numerous options are available.

This article will provide an overview of several showerhead types and a guide on selecting the most suitable one for your requirements.

Different Types of Showerheads

Installing a new showerhead is a straightforward way to enhance your bathroom. A new showerhead may have benefits beyond enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the shower.

This article will examine the five common varieties of showerheads that purchasers highly favor.

  1. Handheld showerheads 

Shower heads that can be held in one's hand are an increasingly common option. This is an excellent solution to buying a new shower system only to replace the old shower head.

Adjustable hoses and holders are now frequently provided by manufacturers of handheld shower heads. These shower heads can be detached from the wall or left connected to be utilized elsewhere, such as to rinse off soap or fill a bucket. To regulate the water flow direction, you can disconnect the shower head from the wall.

Handheld showerheads

  1. Wall Mounted/Fixed Showerheads

A wall-mounted showerhead is the same thing as a fixed showerhead.   Most modern homes likely have at least one shower head of this kind.   It is easily recognizable by its lack of frills and its diminutive size (diameters of five inches or less).   This is the best option if you don't need a lot of bells and whistles from your shower head but still want enough water pressure.

 Wall Mounted/Fixed Showerheads

To enhance the features, use a versatile fixed showerhead with several functions.     One can adjust the spray arrangements on a multi-function shower head, which commonly provides a range of choices, including a focused massage option and a broader, more soothing spray option.  

  1. Rainfall Showerheads

Rain shower heads are similar to fixed shower heads; however, they are noticeably more prominent in size.     By providing diameters 6 inches and more extensive, you may significantly increase the amount of water that disperses in your shower. The water spray's range is defined by its coverage, providing a more thorough and relaxing showering experience.    

Rainfall Showerheads

  1. Panel Showerheads

A shower panel, sometimes called a body spray showerhead, is attached to a wall with many nozzles in a horizontal or vertical configuration.   The shower spray from these showerheads is soft and relaxing.   Furthermore, they may be made to simulate a massage by concentrating on specific muscle groups. Additionally, you may mix and match different showerheads to create a unique and customized showering experience.

Panel Showerheads

Selecting the Best Bathroom Shower Head

When selecting a showerhead, several factors must be taken into account. Keep these considerations in mind as you shop for the best for your bathroom.

Spray Design

Showerhead nozzles vary in their spray patterns and intensities. The water pressure you prefer and the areas of your body you wish to wash could help you choose the ideal showerhead. Many contemporary showerheads are equipped with adjustable nozzles as standard. The most common spray patterns are broad, narrow, pulse, and rinse.

Mounting Design

If your family includes members of varied heights, a showerhead with a sliding bar may be adjusted to accommodate everyone. A handheld or dual showerhead is a sensible choice for households with little children or pets.


It's also important to consider whether or not the rest of the bathroom's fittings and decorations will complement the showerhead. Since showerheads are permanent fixtures, it's essential to choose one whose finish harmonizes with the bathroom's overall color scheme. Brass, nickel, chrome, matte black, and many more metal finishes are available for showerheads.

Environmental Factors

An adequately fitted showerhead may have a significant beneficial effect on the environment due to the high volume of water it uses. Showerheads obtained the Water Sense label from the EPA, which should be prioritized. Additionally, flow restrictor showerheads exist, which reduce the volume of water released from the fixture without reducing water pressure.


The cost of a showerhead might vary widely depending on the type you choose. A fundamental showerhead that may be attached to the wall is cost-effective and practical. Models with more features and customization options tend to be more expensive. Ultimately, selecting the best showerhead for your bathroom may come down to evaluating your wants and wishes against your finances.

Pressure of Water

You can regulate the water pressure on specific showerheads, giving you total control over your shower. For those with delicate skin, especially babies, switching to a softer spray is beneficial. For dirt to be removed from hair, pets, and shower walls, greater power is required.


Investing in a new showerhead is something you should consider if you're remodeling your bathroom. One bathroom accessory you should consider replacing your outdated shower head with a more modern one if you are redesigning your bathroom. Shower heads come in a wide variety, and each one has a unique set of features that make it stand out from the others in addition to the advantages they provide. Top-mounted shower heads, rainfall shower heads, handheld shower heads, fixed or single or wall-mounted shower heads, and sliding bar shower heads are the most popular shower heads. Handheld shower heads are among the several kinds of shower heads.

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