Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Buying Guide

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Buying Guide

You want a clear and bright view of your photo and need storage space for all the supplies and tools you use daily. A bathroom mirror cabinet is the perfect solution, giving you the best of both worlds. But with so many options available in the market, how do you choose? Don't worry; we've researched for you. This is the only bathroom mirror cabinet buying guide you will ever need. Wellfor will show you everything you need to consider, from size and lighting to style and function. At the end of this guide, you will be equipped with the knowledge to find a bathroom medicine cabinet that suits your needs and matches your style. Your perfect picture is waiting for you!

Choosing The Right-Sized Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Your bathroom mirror cabinet size is essential for function and style. Think about how much storage space you need and what will fit well in your bathroom without crowding the space.

· Width

A narrow 12 to 24-inch cabinet may suit a small powder room, while a spacious master bath could accommodate a 36-inch or larger cabinet. Consider how many people regularly use the bathroom and how much gear you need to stash.

· Height

Choose a cabinet at least 48 to 54 inches high for easy access. Taller cabinets, from 60 to 72 inches high, provide ample storage space. Make sure any cabinet over 54 inches high still allows for an ergonomic view of yourself in the mirror.

· Depth

A shallow cabinet, around 5 to 6 inches deep, takes up little space but may only hold a little. A medium 8 to 12-inch depth can store a good amount of necessities. An extra-deep 14-inch or more cabinet offers maximum storage but can feel bulky in a small room.

· Installation

Pay attention to installation requirements, like wall studs for hanging. Recessed cabinets require professional installation and alterations to your wall. Surface-mount cabinets, which attach directly to the wall, are the easiest to install as a DIY project.

Choosing the right size bathroom medicine cabinet for your space and needs will ensure it's as functional as stylish. Consider who uses the room, what you need to store, and the cabinet dimensions that will keep your bathroom open and uncluttered. The perfect cabinet is out there; you must measure twice and buy once!

 Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

When shopping for a bathroom mirror cabinet, there are a few key features to consider:

  • Size and dimensions. Think about how much storage space you need and the size of your bathroom. Get measurements to ensure it will fit nicely on your wall without crowding the space.
  • Mirrored doors. Mirrors make a space seem more open and bright. Mirrored cabinet doors are ideal for a bathroom. Look for ones that span the entire length of the cabinet.
  • Adjustable shelves. Having the flexibility to adjust shelf height is proper. You can raise or lower shelves to fit items of different sizes. Shelves that slide out entirely are even more convenient.
  • Material and finish. The most common are wood, metal, and engineered wood. Wood and wood veneers provide a natural look. Painted or laminate finishes in white or light colors help make a small space appear more spacious. Stainless steel is a modern, sleek option.
  • Additional features. Things like built-in LED lighting, electrical outlets, towel racks or trays, and slow-close hinges are all useful extras to consider.
  • Ensure you understand what's required to properly and securely install the cabinet to your wall. Some come ready to mount, while others require additional fasteners, which may or may not be included. Double-check so you have everything needed before starting installation.

With careful consideration of your needs and options, you'll find a stylish bathroom mirror cabinet to keep your space organized and make your morning routine easier. Happy shopping!

 Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Top 5 Stylish & Functional Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

When choosing a bathroom mirror cabinet, style and functionality are equally important.

  • The recessed mirror cabinet provides a sleek, built-in look. It is installed inside the wall, so it does not take up space in your bathroom. However, installation may require cutting into drywall and patching, which can be complicated for DIYers.
  • A surface-mount mirror cabinet attaches directly to the wall surface. It's an easy installation but may look less custom since it sits on the wall. Look for a cabinet with a frame that matches your bathroom decor.
  • The freestanding mirror cabinet stands on the floor or countertop. It offers storage without installation but takes up floor space. A narrow cabinet is suitable for small bathrooms, while a double cabinet provides more storage.
  • An illuminated mirror cabinet features built-in lighting, ideal for shaving or makeup application tasks. LED strip or bulb lighting provides an even glow. Look for different light color options like bright white, natural, or warm light.
  • A mirrored medicine cabinet keeps your medicines and toiletries concealed yet accessible. A cabinet with an electrical outlet lets you plug in shavers, toothbrushes, or other devices. Lockable cabinets also provide security for medications.


So that's the lowdown on picking the perfect bathroom mirror cabinet for your space and needs. By now, you've got a good sense of size, material, lighting, and style options to choose from. The key is to think about it with what you like and what fits your budget. You want a cabinet that makes you happy when you see it and that gives you extra storage without cramping your style. Once you've got it installed, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Here's to finding your new favorite part of the bathroom medicine cabinet that's stylish, functional, and perfect for you.


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