Why a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Is a Design Trick for Bathrooms

Why a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Is a Design Trick for Bathrooms

Have you ever felt cramped in your bathroom, wishing you had more space? There's an easy trick to make a bathroom feel more open and airy. Install a mirrored medicine cabinet. Mirrored cabinets reflect light and make a room seem larger than it is. When you open the cabinet door, the mirror on the back expands the visual space, creating an illusion of more room. Your bathroom will instantly appear brighter and more spacious.

A mirrored medicine cabinet for bathroom is also highly functional. It keeps all your toiletries neat and organized while freeing up counter space. No more cluttered sinks! The mirror on the cabinet door means you have a handy mirror right where you need it. A mirrored cabinet is a win-win, giving you extra storage, counter space, and a bigger, brighter bathroom. For bathrooms, a mirrored medicine cabinet is a design secret that opens the room and clears chaos away. Your bathroom won't seem so cramped anymore!

How Mirrored Medicine Cabinets Visually Expand Bathrooms

A mirrored medicine cabinet for bathroom is a small space saviour. By reflecting the room, it creates an illusion of more space. Here are a few ways it visually expands your bathroom:

First, it reflects natural light. Place your cabinet across from a window; it will reflect the incoming light, making the room appear brighter and more open. The more light in a small space, the bigger it will seem.

Second, it reflects the space itself. A mirrored front gives the impression that there is more counter space, an extra sink, or more shelving since it reflects light from the rest of the bathroom. A bathroom may appear twice as large with this easy tip.

Finally, strategic placement is vital. Install your mirrored cabinet on a wall facing the room's doorway or centre. This allows it to reflect the most significant area possible, enhancing the spacious effect. Conversely, avoid placing it in a corner where its reflection is limited to two walls.

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Choosing the Right-Sized Mirrored Medicine Cabinet for Bathroom

Choosing the right-sized mirrored medicine cabinet is critical to opening your bathroom. If it goes too big, it will dominate the space. It is too small, and it won't provide enough storage.

For a compact bathroom, aim for a cabinet in the 15 to 24-inch width range. This provides space for the essentials without overwhelming them. Look for a recessed or semi-recessed style to save even more space. These sit flush with or partially into the wall.

Surface-Mount for Easy Installation

A surface-mount cabinet sits on the wall surface, not recessed in. This means quicker installation since you don't have to cut into the wall. Just secure it to wall studs, and you're done. The downside is it protrudes a few inches, taking up more space. If you have a limited wall area, a recessed style is better.

Consider your needs and choose a cabinet with adequate shelving and drawers. For a small vanity area, two to four adjustable shelves and a couple of drawers for items like makeup and brushes should suffice.

Don't forget the lighting. Integral lighting, where small fixtures are built into the cabinet's top, sides or door frames, provides task lighting without requiring wall space for sconces.

With the right-sized mirrored medicine cabinet and a few space-saving features like recessed mounting, adequate shelving and lighting, your compact bathroom will feel open and organized in no time. Making the most of limited square footage is about choosing furnishings, like medicine cabinets, that suit your needs without overcrowding the room.

55x35 Mirrored Medicine Cabinets - The Perfect Size for Most Bathrooms

A 55x35 bathroom medicine cabinet is ideal for opening a bathroom space. At just under 2 feet wide and over 1 foot tall, this compact cabinet provides storage without dominating the room.

Mounting a mirror cabinet directly over your sink or countertop helps create an illusion of a larger bathroom by reflecting the space around it. The mirror surface also brings more light into the room, brightening the area. For the best effect, choose a frameless, mirrored cabinet or one with a minimal frame in a colour that matches your bathroom fixtures.

Inside the cabinet, multiple adjustable glass or mirrored shelves store all your bathroom necessities in one convenient place. Keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, contact lens case, makeup, hair ties, bobby pins, cotton balls, q-tips, lotions, creams, and other items organized and out of sight. A cabinet with a mirrored back allows you to see everything at a glance, even when the doors are closed.

A 55x35 bathroom medicine cabinet gives you enough space without feeling cluttered or cramped. For a bathroom, choose a cabinet with a simple, clean design in a size that complements the room's scale. Mount it at eye level for the most functional and visually appealing placement.

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So there you have a few reasons why a mirrored medicine cabinet can do wonders for a bathroom. Even in the smallest of areas, it produces an open and breezy sensation by reflecting light and giving the impression of more space. Additionally, the mirrored door conceals all of your essentials and keeps your counters free, creating the appearance of a simple, uncluttered space. Every design decision matters when there is limited space. You won't regret choosing a mirrored medicine cabinet for bathroom. Clever solutions are necessary in tiny places; this tip will not disappoint you.


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